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Reviews for "Animals"

Time was not wasted,creating or watching

From start to finish it's filled with cruel images and harsh sounds(my favorite part).Which set the mood.The premise is well explained an obvious to anyone paying attention.Overall the details that appear are comfortibally placed.I see the pressures of our world expressed here and expressed well.My only complaint is I couldn't find a motive for the whole thing.


i dont get it. i liked the sound efects. thats it


Even though it didn't have any words towards the end you realize what it all means and the way Tb portrays that is simply just amazing

Heaven and Hell

I'd have to agree with Jon23 about the faith thing. The "Are you GOOD enough" panphlets saying something along the line of are you good enough to go to heaven (up the elevator) or will you go to hell (down the elevator).

Excellent work portraying all this.


Kind of reminds me of a Pink Floyd kinda thing... I love it and everything you upload; it's got a deeper meaning than most other work on Newgrounds, and I like the darkness and overall atmosphere of all of your work :D