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Reviews for "Animals"

I think I have it

Ok, so. The man is dead and he was reflecting on his life as he was traveling to his ultamate Destination (heaven or Hell) going dooor to door, as a pastor. then losing a child, his wife leaving him and ultimatley abandoning god and killing himself. But in the end, he is acepted into Heaven.

Moral of the story. God loves you, no matter what happens to you in life.


Amazing. I think that should say enough. :)


But that just adds to mysterious feeling of it. It has a dark mood with creepy music. great style animation and coloring. I loved. You sir, earned a 10/10.


When we see the cross falling and the old man walking away it clearly means (for me anyway) that he's losing his faith, probably after some tragedy (the death of a child as we can understand it), then all the "red" scenes look like some kind of purgatory, and the elevator, well, the "final decision". As for the title "animals", well maybe it means that we can't expect something from a higher institution, as we're just animals. Or maybe he was so busy with his religion that he forgot the ones he loved.
Well I'll stop now, I'm not really making sense anymore ! That's a tough one to decipher !


My favorite scene has to be the one looking at the tower, through the fence.

And from what I can see, the man with the mustache had some power, some control over whether people lived or died, were accepted or rejected into some mysterious regime, but did not allow his friend/son/other relative to pass, throwing himself off a bridge as the guilt tore his mind apart. And yet, despite this act, the judges saw his heart was true, and sent him 'up', in theory, to heaven.

That's how I saw it, at least.