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Reviews for "Animals"

Beautiful work

Thanks a lot.

dark but good

ok i get the story....but why does he go to heaven? i mean isnt it a sin you cant be saved from if you kill yourself?? thats the only part i dont get but other then that it is an awesome movie loved the dark style you used hope to see more from you soon 10/10 5/5


I think the guy is losing faith in his religion because someone he loves is dead? I'm thinking the elevator scene is showing that when he dies his soul goes upwards (into heaven).

Not sure, just a bunch of guesses here. Liked the flash though.

what in the flying fuck?!

i didnt get one bit of that story. was there even a plot. wth? maybe im stoopid or something.

but dood, all in all that was awsum i loved the art.

but wat the hell. i dont get it one bit.


It is what you do and not what you preach that matters?