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Reviews for "Animals"

Taking someone away.

The ultimate anti-religion?

I wonder how many people this got lost on.

Way too many people need to watch this and assess what's going on.

You've done cooler ones, but this one is still really impressive. Very ominous.


I thought you did a wonderful job animating this piece. It was very vivid. And I loved how well you fit it all along with the noise. It was pretty eerie. But besides all that I just didn't like it. Mostly because I didn't understand really what you were going for.
Good work anyways!



Purely amazing....

This....Really made me think, about the people I hurt, and how I can never fix that, especially because it happened such a long time ago. I gotta say, this is really good, and that you should keep up the great work!

Its true . . .

people spend there whole lives preaching about what they think is the right religion and then disaprove of others beliefs and way of life. it wasnt some dumb random nonsense flash, it actually had some thought behind it.