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Reviews for "Animals"


Sorry but I don't really get it But i'm sure if I got it it would probably be good.


Very interesting story of a man who led a religious life, yet personally ended it out of grief and managed to redeem himself anyway. On a side note, I thought it was really creative to relate purgatory to a ski mountain!

I suppose the message here is that no matter what you did, whether that be kill a person, turn your back on religion or even commit suicide, then as long as you are truly sorry for what you have done, God is willing to grant you an eternal afterlife in heaven.

my dream world

i love thes kinds of videos cuz this is how i dream black and always scary

art style

l love ur art style it always makes me feel like im in a different world...

This is pur quality.

It really is professional looking. Really stunning.

As for the story, I think... I have some idea. Although there are some parts that could go a couple of ways, my basic understanding is that because of something he felt responsible for that ate away at him, this old man killed himself. He and the others aren't necessarily in Hell, but rather going to be judged, and for him, despite his wrongdoings, he's accepted into Heaven anyway. That's how I've come to interpret it anyway. Good stuff.