Reviews for "Apple vs Microsoft"

so right

i used to have an microsoft computor i had an error every 5 sec

Hhhmm once again...

these reviews was about the movie not about macs right so why does nearly everyone write about macs and not about the movie, anyway i am not going to be as you guys.

I liked the song and everything BUT make it longer and other things not just the same things all over and over again


Mac is so much better than Windows. No BSOD FTW!

Very nice music

This was a very interesting submission. I like the music the most, and the fact that it seems to be biased against Microsoft and leaning towards Mac computers. (I do not currently own a Mac, but I am saving...)

Anyway, is it possible to get that music from you ? I would appreciate it if you messaged me about that.

Go mac

Just coz i like mac doesnt mean its good it means its really good

Ps im writing this on a mac