Reviews for "Apple vs Microsoft"

Mac is better than Windows for these reasons!!

Reason 1 - Macs are faster and contain better graphics than Windows
Reason 2 - Programs run on Mac don't crash as often as Windows
Reason 3 - Macs are already set up except for user information. Windows takes ages to set up and are very slow.
Reason 4 - Vista is Microsoft's attempt at utilising Dashboard for itself
Reason 5 - Macs are known to always be more user friendly than Windows
Reason 6 - Safari is faster than Internet Explorer
Reason 7 - Macs can run BOTH Windows AND Mac OS X
Reason 8 - Macs can be repaired much faster and for a lower price than Windows
Reason 9 - Macs are simply the best. Better than all the rest

mac sucks

mac sucks you can barly get anyon it so get windows


It says a lot about Macs when they are now supporting Windows. Whats that, Apple? Your OS inferior?

Yeah. I think so.

Good flash I might add, I liked all the different BSOD pictures you put in, especially the one with death behind it hah Nice.

Mav VS Windows

Windows are good family type. Games, programes easy to use you name it. Might have a few more problems then a mac but in the end no one takes notice.

Macs are good for buisness and students. A few games (not to get bored) a lot of programmes which run well and very few problems. Also with the added bonus of built in web security i'll put macs on top.

PS: I own a Windows PC and a Mac (well a few Windows models, they are cheaper then macs)


GOD! This little thing rocks!
Ok, i have to admit, the Mac sux with gaming, but think about this - who first had icons? Oh yeah, Macs. Windows copied Mac.

Warning : video contains some content which make make some persons have a spaz attack.