Reviews for "Apple vs Microsoft"


i endjoined it, but pc's dont get as meny virus's as meny pelpole think, or crash as much, ps good music

i love the steriotype of windows.

i use windows XP at home, and at school all the time. never have any issues.

even if you did make fun of windows and made a good flash, so be it. but all this is is just images with no effort at all except making it change with the music you didnt make.


Very Good

Nice Work on the XP Mix, The Bsod may have been created to "protect" your computer, unfourtunately it often crashes due to its own corruption, stick with linux or mac!

it's ok

but apples are better lol

Pc = Superior


The Infamous BSOD or Blue screen of Death was created in order to protect the PC. BSOD's have many triggers. Like an overheat of a part will issue a BSOD thus stopping thepart from dangerously overheating. My friends i mac feels like is it on freaking FIRE.
Oh and try to make good music on a mac. Mac = 1 Music Program Made by MAC.
PC = Hundreds.
Oh and MACs Do crash. U just cant tell.
The BSOD is actually not a crash at all. Just a measure to NOT crash.