Reviews for "Apple vs Microsoft"


i used a mac and pc i stay with my pc, my uncles first comp was a mac now he has a windows vista heavy machine where i dont want to know the price of, feel the power!!! omg mac user.


Okay idea, but the images, were just taken from the internet, and hte music wasn;t yours either, all you did was just make a few pictures change to a beat. This shows a lack of animation, you didd't really do anything. Next time try to animate something, or at least make up a story line.

Mac vs. PC = PC

http://youtube.com /watch?v=iEAGmBRC1dc

I used a PC all my life, and it NEVER BSOD'ed, not once. And I use one for 7 years now. Mac on the other hand, it keeps crashing on me. Check the video I posted, to know the truth. I mean, you based your whole flash on BSOD, and it's just not true. I mean, what does Mac got better? NOTHING, they are the same! It's just that mac crashes, and PC BSOD's and reboots. PC vs Mac= Same.

Achilleuss responds:

Seen that, and usually chances are in cases like this is that the person doesn't try to SOLVE his problem. Everything he mentions is only a problem because of stupidity, I imagine he has even more problems with windows.


BSOD joke made with pictures and one line of text using someone else's audio. On the discussion of the topic you brought up though this flash (to my attention), mac's aren't any better than PC's. Sure people over-hype what's the downsides to each console and such.. but linux.. that's another story for another day.


I don't even wanna get started on the Mac/PC topic... Decent flash though, just not accurate. ^.^