Reviews for "Apple vs Microsoft"

Hah hah

Macs rule! 100% agree. Windows are good too, but I think macs are a bit better because it crashes less. To be honest, my mac has never crashed once yet and I had it for a year! Now I'm not going to put windows gets viruses easier as a benefit for a mac since though it is true, most viruses come from people that try to illegally download free stuff (which more likely has viruses) or visit porn sites that also have them. I don't get any viruses with my windows computer and I don't even have a anitivirus program! Yes, I have both macs and windows.

Now to the previous reviewer. Seriously, your kidding right? Hahah. Video games. Wha Your kidding! Video games? How old are you? You must be joking. For lazy bums who thinks video games are life than I understand your position partially. If you didn't notice, macs have "virtual pc" which allows you to run both windows software and mac software. A 2 in one deal! Cost a bit of money, but seriously it's still a good deal to have 2 operating systems in 1 computer. Next thing is the imac. It doesn't even have a tower! It is just a monitor and keyboard! And it can run up to 2.8 ghz (possibly more).

Now there are a lot more good things about macs. Don't get the impression I think macs rule and windows suck. I like both of them, but macs a bit more. As for the flash. Decent job. 7 stars

macs, so easy dirt can use it!!!

dude, gamers dont want a machine that has a grand total of 4 games. on the other hand, if a new game comes out, ull no if its good or not because u will already have played it. plain and simple macs suck

Achilleuss responds:

There ARE people in the world that don't only use a computer for games :P Many companies put out Mac versions of their games, for instance Blizzard puts out Mac versions of ALL their games. Always have and always will. ;)

I take it you like Macs?

Hehe... bluescreens. Actually set that as the Desktop on a computer once... then hid the taskbar and all desktop icons. Someone actually thought I got BSoD'd :p

I found it funny though that you used a song that used Windows sounds to quote-unquote 'promote' Macs, heh.

Good work! =]

not sure what the point of it was... =P but anyways i listened to the song and saw it was used in this and i dont regret watching this...it was....um.....entertaining? confusing but entertaining and great choice of music....i give ya an 8/10 ^^ good work ...MAKE MORE

Achilleuss responds:

Heh, watch my second one ;) It's called Choose Your Poison

ok for a first time

if you knew the timings off, why not hold off on submitting it until you manage to fix it? especially since its your first flash, wouldn't you want to put a bit extra polish into it, to show people what they can expect from future flash work of yours?

i thought it was fine, its not a favorite, but it was interesting to see all the different computers microsoft fails in around the world xD

Achilleuss responds:

Yeah haha, TONS of bluescreens. Just wait till the second edition comes out, it's already MUCH better.