Reviews for "Apple vs Microsoft"


If your doing work, use a mac because they don't screw up as much.
If you want to play games, Stick with Windows.
But who cares anyway. Vista is a rip off of the latest Mac.

Macs are evil

Windows computers own obviously, i have a mac and it cant run anything at all oh u gotta buy all these games on the MAC version..windows is the way to go :D


windows beats macs any day.

Sure... macs look nice,

but windows is more customizable, and you can do MUUUUUCH more!


macs are good, but overrated, and vista does suck, XP TEN TIMES BETTER THAN VISTA!!!

Macs are better

I hav windows right now and i hav a lot of viruses on my computer, so it runs like garbage. Virused are not coded for macs. Anyway good movie