Reviews for "Apple vs Microsoft"

Go mac

Just coz i like mac doesnt mean its good it means its really good

Ps im writing this on a mac


May I suggest this is biased, as I saw no macs with kernel panics.


macs suck. All this movie is, is photoshopped images of everything made by microsoft with the BSOD. Vista doesnt even have a BSOD. :P

this video stinks

this video stinks but yu get a 10 for loving macs.to the prople below me

rofl rofl y0u noobz@r$ 3v3ry0n3 kn0w$ m@c$ 0wn$ y0 @$$

Sorry, but...

Macs don't pwn PCs, no matter how hard you try. A PC is much easier to use for the common market.