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Reviews for "operation: pedopriest"

yeah not bad but...

You didnt really do much. It was interesting, the graphics were good and it was quite amusing but the interactivity was fairly poor. On the subject of its controversy, get a life you goons. It is supposed to be a joke. Ok i feel sorry for victims of paedophilia, i even know one, but people who have been through that probably aren't stupid enough to play a game called "operation: pedopriest". I agree with the guy before me though, someone may sue newgrounds so concentrate on the game rather than the topic.

Ok ok

Graphics are great. But it is seriously NOT fun to see little kids getting abused. I hope the admins of the site take action. I understand that the topic is taboo and about some you can make jokes but what happens to the kid has serious if not fatal consequenses for the rest of his life.

This should not be taken lightly and such things are not to laugh about.
On the other side i can see this as a comment upon religious abuse and a couple of sick priests. But i still think its a very sad thing you made this.

The word "Controversy" belongs here...

ok i know the objective in this game is kinda sick and i do feel very bad for the victim of such acts. Other then that I am not a really religious person so to me this wasn't offensive at a extreme level but the game itself is very interesting and i mean the game engine. Other then that for crying out loud ppl newgrounds is a flash site of free expression so can ppl relax... other then that i find it hard to scroll around the map can u make it so that maybe the arrow keys move the cam and the mouse just do wat it does best. if u want to make another game please i think u should layoff the controversial topics someone might actually sue NG :S maybe the church :S

Great Concept

A great idea for a game. It took a try or two to get the hang of it but I got it. I loved the gameplay, it was fast-paced and you had to be constantly aware of what was going on and those pesky priests were a pain in the ass to keep an eye on all the time. Good luck in your future projects.


While I thought the skill was definatly present, the idea was not. Couldnt stand the thought of helping priests rape little boys. Hell, helping ANYONE rape anybody, especially children. The falls off the taboo cart. Please take more consideration when planning flash. I understand there are flash out there trying to make a statement, but it isnt like anyone really denies what those people (the priests) did. Except for the church of course, but then that would be preaching to the choir...

On a gameplay note, I found the game to more annoying than entertaining, with too much going on screen to really grasp the gameplay and enjoy it. Again, the subject matter didnt help much

Good Luck on future flashes!