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Reviews for "operation: pedopriest"


This is the funniest game i've ever played! lol

the sounds we're funny, it was pretty challenging, but hell, intermediate is like uber hard.. LoL so many people.

there should be a little like map with blinking dots where each scream is heard from. so you can keep track of who to silence.


What the Fuck?

What, where, who, how, when, and what the fuck..........damn, good satire, or at least i hope it was a satire, I know that the Cathlic church has pretty much fucked up christianity again and again for the past 2 thousand years, but damn, thats a little hardcore don't you think?, i mean they're not about molesting kids, but more about covering up anything one of their asshole affiliates dose that deeply hurts somebody, I SMELL AN INQUISITION! :D, but seriously, as a satire i don't agree with but as a satire it is a pretty fucking strong one.....once again,
what the fuck?

Great game!

This game was put together extremely well. The graphics rock, the little jibber-jabber of the characters is great, and the idea behind it is fairly funny. AND ANYONE offended by this needs to take the stick out of their butt. It's just a game. I'm mormon, and I played a game about getting as many wives as you can. Though it hasn't been standard practice of the Church to practice polygamy for 150 years, I still found it funny and fun to play. Although when you think about it, I guess it's still common practice of the Catholic Church to molest children, so maybe it is a sore subject. All in all, GREAT JOB!


i, as a catholic, find this hilarious, i thoroughly enjoyed this game, great job


i, as a catholic find this submission offensive.i Know that some priests do rape children but the thought of somone acually taking this and making a game out of it is just terribale...i did play the game for abit and found that the sounds and graphics are done resonably well.the interativityis also ok...if i wasn't offended by the topic of this game i would have given this game a decent over all rating.also for all of those who find this funny, wtf is going on in your head.you must find it funny that children get raped,what if you got raped as a child? then maybe you might not find it as humorous.