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Reviews for "operation: pedopriest"

Well, well....

It was an "Okay-Game", Entertained me a few minutes... but nothing special to me.

Although i'm very tolerant, i gotta say that i disliked the priests hopping the Childs. I don't care if they are priests or sth., that religion-stuff makes me sick anyway... But men humping little boys... well.... u know!?^^


It kept me on for ages! a really kwl game and i got to stage 133! :)


great game man, was funny as hell to see the old guys bend over and get the little guys..lol call me insane but this is funny. (no i dont think it is funny in RL)

Oh, lord!!!!

Praise the lord!!! Praise the lord!!!
It was a very fun game, I was reading others reviews' and some people thinks this is new. I can't believe people is so blind that can't see that a man on celibate is still a man so why wouldn't this happen? The only solution to this problem is to avoid celibacy!! Nobody gets farther from god for loving a woman.
I liked the sounds, specially that sarcastic "praise the lord" LOL.
And that intimidating, "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, don't make a call!"
I didn't need the machinas but interactivity goes down because eunochs don't go on stairs.
Keep it up! Society needs this eye openers and not those *ss openers. LOL.


haha, fecking love it XD
*plays again*