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Reviews for "operation: pedopriest"

Very intruiging game!

While not the funnest game I have ever played, I like the idea behind this. And I love the priest when they say "Come here..."
Good job keep it up!

Awesome way to make your point!

It was clever and funny, but that's the least of this game; it exposes not only the faults of the catholic church, but the morons complaining as well, who fail to realise the thought BEHIND this game. Anyways, I hope this stirs up some controversy and good job.


mations for the priests God the animations for the priests molesting the children was halerious! Some people (the fool before me who lacks a sence of humor, and probably a soul as well) might think it in poor taste, but its fucking FUNNY!

On a quality note, the children screeming got annoying, and it was really hard to keep track of the people who need intimidating. And there was no real explination as to what I could do with the cops and kids. Anyway, overall, an impressive peice of work subject aside. good job man.

(Lol, they just dropped on top of them and started humping! LOL!!!)

wow im catholic and im scared

i think i chose the wrong religion
and now i am scared the crap to go
to church but in other ways it was good

Awesome point.

Graphics and sound quality good. Interactivity could have used a big boost. Humor was great. That's about it for the game.

For religious reviewers having problems coming to grips with what these priests still do. Tell your god to make em stop. He allows these abuses so dereliction of duty goes a long way.