Reviews for "Space Bounty"

Excellent graphics

It reminded me of Bungie's older games, particularly Abuse. The graphics were detailed, gritty, and overall very well done. You could definitely do artwork for commercial games if you wanted. The gameplay was a good mix of straightforward platformer/shooter action and RPG-ish upgrading. It was challenging but not too hard (although I gave up during level 3). If you're looking for ways to improve it, I'd say push the graphics even further. Create unique backgrounds instead of tiles, and maybe scale things up to show off those nice sprites. I also would have prefered side-scrolling instead of a one-room-at-a-time-based system. Overall good work; hope there's a sequel.

Very good

This game has some quality action. The weapons are also pretty awesome. The enemies were not to original but that doesnt hurt the game at all. Overall very good job.

good one

that was a pretty sweet game. this one had some pretty good action in it.... highly addicting...., good graphics, nice character, good gameplay and audio and it was a super way to kill off time.
great work on this game here.
glad to see it on the NG front page too.

This is a fun game!

I liked the gameplay. I think it could be a little easyer. I like the graphics and the sound. This is a very addicting game. I want a sequal man!!! Keep them comeing!!!PS: Make more guns with infinant ammo.

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that was one of the best shooter i have played on newgrounds!keep it up but make its so u can lvl up ur guns even more but overall its a nice job !