Reviews for "Space Bounty"

Pretty fun game!

I'm not sure what the fellow a few reviews back was talking about not being able to progress, but I just beat the game...maybe he didn't look hard enough for the key. I really liked how there were secret rooms that you could find by breaking down certain walls. Overall a pretty excellent game, keep up the good work!


well im not a big fan of these kind of games but to be fair i gave you a fair score just so u wont hate me!!!

long and easy

took an hour or two to beat, but hardly lost any lives. regen life made it alot easier.

Lots of fun until 3rd level when you cant progress

Good game, kept me playing for about an hour. *Cannot progress past 3rd level* you get stuck in a room with a blue keycard and a red exit door. fix this and the game's at least a 9/10. overall lowered to 7 because it's still old school fun until that point

nice but repeditve

this has very nice graphics and gameplay. the bosses are nice but the whole thing is kinda just doing the same thing over and over