Reviews for "Space Bounty"

Pretty good

I like it,it was fun but challenging at the same time.Sure she kinda moved like a robot and the stages had that glitchy "super smash bro" flooring (which i found quite helpful and a pain at times) but overall had little problems.Great game,great job keep it up,and hope to see more in the near future.

Great But...

This was an amazing game. I was playing it for about 30 minutes until on the second level, after I had got the last access key, I double tapped "s" to go down a level and it glitched out and I couldn't stand on solid ground. The character kept flashing and I kept on falling through the platform, other then that little bug, a great game.

Front Page Worthy

You have to wonder why garbage like Dress Paris Hilton is on the
top row of front page while this is way near the bottom.

You also have to wonder why a space mercenary is wearing what appears to be leather underpants. Must be a Belmont...

Anyway, this owns. You should reuse the engine, upgrade the graphics, and watch people kneel before you in worship.

Bloody Hell

That was damn good! Keep it up, that must have taken aaages to make! Really really well done!

Good job

It is a really good game. However, I have two requests for the next one. Could you make the bottom floor in each room jump through proof? I died several times because of that. And could you maybe either make the limited weapons fire a little faster or add in a few new weapons? Like a plasma grenade? Good game overall though.