Reviews for "Space Bounty"

fuckin level-design

a good game , it feels like i'm playing mario in slow-motion with guns.the one thing i hate is the crappy leveldesign.make another game like this but with better-designed levels.make it like tom and dan with drawings (dad n' me).

Well done

this game is very well done nice graphics, wonderful gameplay, and then there's the awesome platforming style i kinda liked the backround music it wen well with this


It is a decent game, ok combat, alright graphics, didnt really blow me away. I doesnt have anything new just the same ole stuff you can get from any other click to shoot game.

Not bad

The fighting controls work well, but why do you make the jumps so ridiculously hard? The only time I lost lives was to those huge gaps with the glitchy platforms. Rethink them.

not half bad

Problem though is some of the jumps just can't be made(Clipping Problem) and I couldn't find anyway to get a life up.