Reviews for "Space Bounty"

Good Job

This was a great game, not too hard, not too easy, one thing I didnt like was the jumping and the platforms. it seemed as if when I landed on a platform I would fall off anyway

great flash keep em comming

Very Fun

I just beat it on easy. This game is very fun. It was challenging anough to keep me interested, but easy enough to beat. Keep up the good work.

Amazing game!

Well i just finished level one, and i loved it!


That was a pretty good shooting game. You're doing a great job. Keep it up!

Great game.

Game was a good hour and a half of fun, and the only complaints I have about it are that it isn't difficult enough, and some times it would glitch and not allow you to double jump (i died twice from it). But besides that as I said it I had a great time playing it, the time flew by.