Reviews for "Space Bounty"

Great game

I like how they utilized the 3d characters with flat units. But I absolutely hate how the game ends and you cant start over with your money, weapons and upgrades.


Loved playing the game had great sound and great affects, Loved the graphics but can you put to be a girl or a boy. Other than that it is a great game and would love to play again.
Replay Value---Mediocore


It's a little like Corpses of the Third Reich, only…better in every way.

The only issue I have is how floaty the jumps are; combined with the moving platforms, that led to a couple of unnecessary deaths.

Regardless, one of my new favorite games here.


Needs tobe longer. But it was a good game.

Very Enjoyable!

I really enjoyed this game very well dont she seemed alittle stiff, and i loved the moonwalk (seriously) but all in all great game, beat it from start to finish.. but once u get all the upgrades it gets alittle easy though i was playing it on medium... great job hope to see another one