Reviews for "Space Bounty"


Good game. It just gets annoying when you crouch, and the bullet has more than enough room to fly over your head, but then you still take damage.

It was ok.

It isn't that difficult. I found mission 3 to be much harder than mission 4. Boss of mission 2 was more difficult than later ones, with the final boss as easy as the first, but I also ran out of the fun toys on 2 quickly and was stuck with the basic weapon.

The backwards walking should be fixed, but other than that it wasn't bad.

Enjoyable, though easy

The game seemed to be a fairly consistent difficulty throughout; the upshot was that the first level was a little challenging (though the first boss was just tedious), but each subsequent level was progressively easier. After I got the hang of it, I only lost lives to falling...the last boss in particular was an antithesis. I used all of my cash to buy 1000 laser rounds going into the battle, and was able to take both individuals down easily (using a fraction of the rounds) without even the need for health packs, since the player health recharge is extremely fast with all the upgrades.

That said, the controls were as good as I have seen in any flash platformer, and the game has a nice feel. Just gimping recharge or raising damage wouldn't really make the game more interesting...perhaps the solution is different kinds of enemies in later levels that are harder to dodge, or have different sorts of weapons (not pulse rifles).

Good platforming fun!

8/10 for me folks, this is a fun game i have to say (funner then i expected)

not many problems with it from what i could see.

Good fun.

I liked this game, start to finish. Dodging enemy bullets by ducking or jumping and blasting away with an array of weapons, it was all fun. The only part I didn't like was the boss fights, the shields made killing them a bit tedious. I would have prefered if they had higher health and lower shield up time.

The upgrades were good as well, simple and easy to understand. The whole game was simple, a good thing in my opinion.