Reviews for "Space Bounty"

Very Nice

This game is extremely addicting! I was gonna play the full version, but your homepage game me a virus! What gives? Oh well, that aside, your work this time was very good, a marked improvement over The Handy Man and that other one, something-something-20xx. The platformer style works a lot better in your case, I think, rather than the shooting gallery thing.

Ah very good.

i like the whole space bounty theme nice 3d very well made very good game xD!!!

10 out of 10

very nice

this game is sweet, works well, and i dont see any problems with it what so ever. Great game, keep it up XD

This is not game!

This is not game!!!It's Game!!!Awsome man!graphics,sound,weapons... everything is perfect!Just i didn't find where to change sex... i am not female!