Reviews for "Operation Gi-go: File 2"


this is awesome, i dont think anyone ever had the idea of a half human, half alien mercenary before, if this was a movie then it would be big, keep up the good work

Gi-go responds:

I dont think so either. Thanks man

Good But not perfect

Im sorry but i would rather prefer to see more on the zombie series than this cause sure good graphics and stuff but im more into zombies lol but very good music good and graphics are good!! :p

Gi-go responds:

There are zombies in the first file.

But reviews like this are the reason I'm not making another zombie movie.

Alright, how the hell do you do that?!

I have to say, the animation was stunning, the graphics were the BEST I have seen on newgrounds that aren't 3d. The music was absolutely ownage. The plot is perfect.

I swear, if you made this into two hours, you'd have a movie as good of a hit as Harry Potter. Keep it up! I'd love to see more!!

Gi-go responds:

I'm actually looking at doing that one day.



I have to Admit I was very surprised with the quality of this flash, And Although I believe strongly that FBF looks better ( If well done ). You Did a great job of moving the body parts of the characters and did a good job drawing different angles. The ONLY thing I did not care for was the voice acting, Gi-Go sounded emotionless and The voice Did not match him, Seeing that he speaks through telepathy, I would imagine his voice being more powerfull and hazed, but the guard near the begining was done very well in terms of his voice to character...Anyway It's awesome to see how far your animation has come from the origonals. Keep Up the good work! ( and keep the theme music fits PERFECTLY!)

Gi-go responds:

I will be using more fbf next time, I just rushed it this time because I wanted it done.

I've never really heard anything bad about the voices, maybe I will look into other things I could do for him. I'm glad you like the music.

Thanks alot

has amazing potential

Hey there, i've seen the originals and i gotta say you are an inspiration.You've come such a long way that it really motivates me to get cracking on my own animations.Anyway, here's the review!

Graphics-Awesome, top-notch.Almost reaching Dreamworks and Disney quality.Great use of shading and very nice depictions of blood and gore.

Style-It's no secret i love your style, and im betting im not the only one.I found the animation went pretty smoothly.

Sound-You got me hooked on the beginning tune by Dragon Ash.I think it fits the series PERFECTLY.The voices were very well done as well, Gi-Go's voice being the most memorable.

Violence-Very nice and interesting depiction of violence.I'm a fan of blood and guts so you really did great here.The only suggestion i can say is to add even more XD

There were a few funny parts, but its a more serious adventure, but its definetly not a bad thing!I loved what you did with the menues as well.

I think this series has the potential to go down as one of the greatest flash series on the internet, and i could really see it as an actual cartoon on tv, it's got so many interesting ideas in it.Alot of people can probably also relate to Gi-Go's struggle to be "normal" too, so that doesn't hurt your series one bit.All in all, your one of my favourite artists on here, and there is no doubt in my mind that you will continue to delight us with your future submissions.But just in case, good luck with your future submission and with the next episode of Gi-Go.Take it easy my good man, you've certainly earned it!


Gi-go responds:

I like to show people that even when your drawing and animation look bad at first, they can come a long way and I'm really glad you saw that.

Its great you like my style! I dont really know what it is haha, I think its a mix of anime, realistic, and American comic books.

Wow, I hadnt heard anyone comment on the Dragon Ash song, I will definately keep it then.

Haha, I like violence in my movies too, as I'm sure you can tell from all my other movies. I just wanted to avoid this series being based on violence mainly, like madness and such. There is going to be a ton more though, dont worry =D

Thanks alot for adding me as a favorite, that always means alot to me, I certainly hope it has half as much potential as your guys nice comments say it has, but I can assure you I will put pretty much everything I have into the next episode.

Thank you so much for the review, and spending the time to write it. I look forward to your reviews in the future!