Reviews for "Operation Gi-go: File 2"

My god

it's beatiful, a lot of shooting, fight.
I like the fight betwen Gi-ichi and Gi-Go
good work Seth johnson good work.
When the file number three?

Gi-go responds:

Thanks a lot man

Not too soon, I'm mostly working in film now.

All the human noses look the same from front lol

It's really good, I mean, better than most newgrounds stuff, but the thing is, your characters (not just in this but all of your animations) seem so robotic. Their movements aren't natural. You should spend just a little more time on that. The voice acting is OK, but I don't like Gi-go's voice at all. It should be louder and meaner. Some of the voices lack any emotion. Other than that the graphics are awesome. (and of course that is what influences most of the votes anyway)

Good job ;]

Gi-go responds:

Yes, I'm not the best animator. Worikin on it

Thanks man

Oh Yeah!!

Awesome. Ol' number 1 didn't stand a chance. I wonder if Gi-Ni will take a chance.

Gi-go responds:

He may :)



when is 3 coming

Gi-go responds:

Not soon :(

Pretty cool

It was a really awesome animation, maybe a little sketchy on the combat scene but still.

Gi-go responds: