Reviews for "Potion Panic"

48 blue, 9 red, 100 yellow=posion goo bomb =)

Really nice game. it's fun to make up your own potions and use them for awesomeness. maybe next time we could have a list of some basic mixtures, be above the wall (so it doesn't frustrate us when we need to attack) and cheaper upgrades ( so we can actually get them if we use expensive mixtures like me) Some background music would be nice and I would love to save more than one potion. other than that, awesome game.

100 blue=awesome bomb move
48 blue, 9 red, and 100 yellow equals poison goo bomb
just about everything else = magical fire of varying colors, poison fog, or a bomb of some type

Simply Addictive and Purely Original

The graphics were average, although the ability to mix the potions around were great. My little wizard died at lvl 15, but it was a great game nonetheless. I didn't notice what was the difference in upgrades however....

Great game

I love this game very fun and creative i like the fact that you basicall make the weapon you kill your enemy with plus the variation of effect from the weapons differs the fact you have to restock potion makes it challenging and a great game in all cant wait for next one

Pretty Addictive

I know some people say usually they just stick to one thing once they've started using it. One thing I've found is

1.) Using potion 5 blue 100 Red 100 Yellow - this potion emits the green gas continuously for at least 10 seconds. This can be useful if you throw 1 or 2 of these when the spiders start coming while throwing the yellow blob
2.) The yellow blob doesn't have to be expensive plus it is very effective. With variation 5,5,7 it is enough to stick and destroy the enemy.
3.) If there's too much overwhelming you, make the red rocks that explode 100 blue, 0 Red, 100 Yellow

Great game - although there should be more ways for defense.


I love this game, Its cool how you can make you own potions, My favorite, is the Yellow kind, THe one that globs up on the mobs, and drops them extremely fast