Reviews for "Potion Panic"

Awesome, dude!

This game ruled. I can't think of any other game where you can assemble your own weaponry in such an in-depth style. I really enjoyed making fire and goo bombs. Haha.

Only thing is, I got bored around 28. A lot of the enemies were repetitious, and even though the big guy was pretty awesome, it still wasn't enough. Maybe more enemies next time, and possibly background music?

All in all, I can't complain. For what this game is, it rocks. :)


Nice idea

I liked the idea. I didn't realy liked the game but whatever ^^


kinda hard to get money but alot of creativity is involved in this game :D

Not bad

It was fun and addicting, but it also gets old pretty fast.
a hint that worked for me, at the beginning i just used blue:1 red:1 yellow:1
This conserves a lot of the potions, so you don't waste money on those to quickly, and it lasted me to wave 11 (possibly longer, i got bored and stopped) and i was able to use all the money on quick upgrades instead of more potion

Fun but not the best

This games fun but it could use a different setting, i might have gone insane from seeing white so repetitive, Fav. Potion B-19 R:33 Y: 13