Reviews for "Potion Panic"


It was fun... for about 20 mins... until I realised that I been fighting the same things all the time expect some where different colour. Make more monsters was gay see same thing... alos the quick reload I found useless wasn't much of a improvement.. for 25000

Excellence In A Game

Addictive game!

It's cool how the explosition has to be "Strategic" instead of just "aim & fire" like most "Worms-Style" games.

Still never figured what the witches do (and really didn't want to know!)

-Tiger M


was a great game but a save feature would have been nice awsome time killer too


this is one of the most orginal games i've ever played. the concepet was great u had a good varity of enemys this is a worthy flash of NG. keep up the good work

good game

that was a pretty nice game. the concept to this game was a little simple overall, but it was quite original and it did offer a pretty good challenge. this one also served as a highly effective time killer. it had nice graphics, audio, entertainment.... well, it pretty much had everything i think. nice job on it and glad to see it win an award too.