Reviews for "Potion Panic"

A Great game

Deserves a great strategy.
One that I used personally... 1-1-0.
I know it sounds crazy and a bit challenging, but I'm currently playing, on level 15, with 1-1-0.
I got the quick reload first, and now I'm working on upgrading my explosives more.
It's also great that you barely spend anything for this build.


TMP3z ur wrong...

This game is very easy, and hitting the wall isn't the games fault but yours. If you wanna win or at least get to 24 wave
(when i just got bored) follow my instructions. The only recipe you will use is blue:30 red:100 yellow:0. When you buy upgrades do this in this order: toxinslvl1, spikewall,toxinslvl2,quick reload. Of course you must remember and in-game use only detonation in air( clicking the left mouse button when then potion is above and in the middle of monster group). That's the point of the succes, at least to the lvl 24 when i just got bored.

Great Idea.

Only one fatal flaw. The game gets frustratingly annoying when you spend tons of cash making expensive recipes just for your cannon to hit your own wall.

Could have been a great game, should have made him shoot through the wall or perhaps placed him on a platform higher up so you don't constantly hit it.

Cool game

But add in the second version:

-more basic potions
-more than fire and all
-more upgrades
-a save function for the upgrades and all
-more options...
-an two players mode

one of the best games on the web

Amazingly fun!

You have made an incredibly fun, original game! The only things that needs improving are the music. It needs background music!
The second thing is that...Well you need to continue having new things! After about 10 minutes i got my first upgrade, and then it got kinda boring. Add more variety and things to do while we are saving up for those upgrades!!