Reviews for "Potion Panic"

Like the idea, could be refined

I was enjoying this until I reached the witch. I had no money after just buying the Explosive upgrade, and all my potions ran out so I couldn't attack. The witch was not fighting back, so nothing was happening and I was forced to restart. Not good..

I think the potion mixing concept itself was a bit flawed too. It was very fun at first to try out all the different potions, but when I found one that worked well I just stuck with it and had no need to change. Would have been much better if there had been a need to change (which it looked like you'd done with the witch, had it worked for me).

Graphically it's good on the whole with a few areas for improvement. The canon reloader for example, circular gradients like that looks horrible, especially as it contrasts with the rest of the graphics.

I'm a bit sick of defense games now, but the original concept of this one gives it enough interest. I think you could have taken the good idea further though. A nice effort, like your work a lot, keep them coming.

good game

but not to good on the graphics. And ever time the spiders came i thought someone was in the corner masterbateing

great concept, but...

it's nice to combine potions, but u could use some graphic improvement, for example the wizard figure and more options rather than just START / MORE GAMES


i wery like this game becouse is lot of things you can get by mixing


I really enjoyed playing this, and its a game you could play for hours. The graphics have a unique style which I like, the gameplay is very good, the animation is brilliant especial for the slugs when they die. The only problem I thought is that it takes ages to make money, either that or I just suck xD

-Awesome job