Reviews for "Potion Panic"

Original Gameplay

You my fine sir have made a unique game! It could just use some music or somthing. If you make a sequel you should of course make a wider variety of potions,Make bosses maybe I think that would be cool. Thx for reading this if you do. These where just a few opinions. GREAT GAME!!!!

Very fun

This was pretty fun, it kept me occupied for quite some time.
I think it's incredibly fun creating different potions and such.

I think it would have been better if there were some background music or something though.
I think that the upgrades and refill on potions are a bit expensive.
It would also be better if we could save more than one potion.

One of my favorite concoctions was 25,8,8 It's pretty widespread and eliminated rather quickly

Good but needs work

Its an amazing idea just not nearly as indepth as it could be. If u make a sequal make a storyline. And the upgrades seemed to me like a waste of money so make a description of the upgrades and tell what they do to help. Overall though its a good game.
My favorite is 25 5 20 red bomb with insane damage.
i didnt have sound so i gave u a 0 srry.


I waited my whole live to see something like this!Its PERFECT!!!!


An over-all beautifully put-together game. The graphics were clear, the style was oh-so-unique, the sound was different but helpful, it wasn't very violent at all (That's a good thing!), and it was all interactivity-ish fun. It wasn't very humorous, though. Maybe you could add a storyline? You could get a bit after each level... Well anyway - If you're coming out with a version two, LET ME KNOW!!!

~~Assasin In Secret~~