Reviews for "Potion Panic"


What an original concept! If this game gets enough good press, I'd like to see what a polished sequal would play like.

awesome game!

it defenetly deserves a sequel. more potions, however, the cannon should be put higher and more potions =D

best i've seen so far!!

really fun and addictive with a touch of ur own creativity!!

Nice work

The best combos I've found are (literally) 1,2,2 for witches and uberskeletons, and 1,0,1 for everything else. Drop it short and get the mass explosion and reload upgrades as soon as possible.

It was kinda annoying that the earliest you could buy the reload upgrade was level 12 or so - that's a long way into the game (especially without save)!

Also, a bug: After enemies knock down your wall, potions still react as though it is up. You should be able to shoot straight across the screen, but it still cracks up where the wall should be.

Nice work

Cool thing with the potion mixture, i really enjoyed that, yeah! Although, when the enemies came near it was kinda hard to get them, overall, GOOD WORK!