Reviews for "Potion Panic"



Great game!

My favorite potion was the yellowish green or orange mixture the kinda shrapnel grenade that stuck to the enemies and the ground and did continued damage. About 10,0,25 but theres alot of ways to tweek it. Like some other reviews said once you find a good mixture theres no incentive to change really and I didnt notice a big enough diffrent between potion strengths but otherwize i'd love to see a sequel.

good game

Good game but could use some changes. It would be nice if you could save potions into quick slots so you can quickly change. I like how you can hear the enemies coming so you know what you will be facing. The game progresses too slowly. Gets boring quick. The game is unique and with some minor improvements could be great.

Useless upgrade

I used the strategy most people talked about using explosive combos just red and blue.

I saved up 6000 for the upgrade for better explosives. And it didn't help at all infact it was more of a detriment, usually the shrapnell is short proximity and can take out mulitple targets. And If you nick the edge of the wall it sprays at them like a shotgun. With the upgrade all the shrapnel either flies offscreen or ends up far away from any enemies.

Very Good Game!

This game was so good I thought I'd make a serious review!

Graphics: Ehh, not so much. I guess the variation in graphics (spider vs slug vs worker?) kinda made it feel weird. Otherwise, it didn't clash too much.

Style: This is where the game really makes it interesting. Mixing potions for different results really make you think about resources as well as what types of weapons to use. Even though the actual arsenal isn't all that different, it feels exciting to think what combinations exist.

Sound: Not too much, the shooting, explosions, and killing. Sound cues for specific enemies was a nice touch tough, and prepared you for what was next.

Violence: Well, the dying animations seemed random, but otherwise good. Not too gory or minute.

Interactivity: Okay interface, kinda hard to work with. Keyboard shortcuts wouldn't have hurt, unless you intentionally left them out.

Humor: Watching the witch die was funny and satisfying.

Overall: Very good game. Keep up the good work!