Reviews for "Potion Panic"

Very Nice!

I liked this game a lot! I was definitely panicking when my wall and potions were down and that huge spider came along. For the adrenaline rush, I give you a 10 overall. =]

This game = FUN!

Awesome, dude!

This game ruled. I can't think of any other game where you can assemble your own weaponry in such an in-depth style. I really enjoyed making fire and goo bombs. Haha.

Only thing is, I got bored around 28. A lot of the enemies were repetitious, and even though the big guy was pretty awesome, it still wasn't enough. Maybe more enemies next time, and possibly background music?

All in all, I can't complain. For what this game is, it rocks. :)


here is the secret to the game

hey guess what, i just found out the RELOAD speed for ur potion cannon is in direct relation with your computer speed. if u want to beat the game, get a really fast computer.

It was an OK game but...

I wont play it twice. There isnt really much new in the next few levels.

6 because - yea - I wont play it twice.


Definitely a unique defense game. I may not be very good at it. die at like lvl 17, which is probably not that close to the end, but it was fun. Those suicidal dog looking things that run fast and explode on the wall seem to have no to way to die. maybe unless the potion was at flame "100-100-100" I used the sticky potions for the tough enemies in different concentrates depending on how many enemies were present, then paused to have enough time to switch potions if other enemies came into play. For the most part used stage 1 explosives with quick reload later on, which seems to work good. Have to still use the sticky stuff for tougher dudes. Flame also works, just have to have good aim. Anything where all the potion number's are equivalent, there will be flame. whenever both yellow and red were half or less than half of blue, there will be a explosion. When ever Blue and Yellow were half or less than half of red, there will be sticky goo. Whenever Blue and Red were half or less than half of Yellow, there will be vapor. There isnt an exact combination for those attacks, like many presume. There is also other ways to get those effects, but thats a fool proof system. Vapor is useless anyways. I like how the attacks rely on people's ability to deduct number solutions rather than just click on a desirable attack. I think this is the first game in which I played that uses this system. Congratz on a good game!