Reviews for "Real Estate Mogule"

nice but......

i think it needs to be a bit more eazeyer cuse i got nowhere near 1mill and make the time in eazy like 150 years ither than that it was great

Really fun :D

I love the type of games where you like buy/sell stuff...first time I've ever seen a game where you buy/sell houses, so I think it's very orginial...

a few bugs and needs a bit more time

i just found a nice big bug, my nagotiation was 20 and my shrewedness was 30, everything else was 10, i saw a house for about 35k, i only had 7k, so i figured, hey, its already a great deal, i'll try to get a even better deal, so i offered 7k for the 35k house, it said my offer was accepted (^_^) now i went from 7k-8k to -27k (O_O x_x) and outta nowhere it read game over, even though i should have still had a meager amount left over (just enough to pay about 2 months of expenses), it took all 35k from me! you need to work on that critical little bug, also a small limiter might help so you don't accidentially put in 100k for a 10k house, or at least so you don't kill yourself.

other than that, a GREAT game, i'm still trying to make it to 101k within the first year or two. might have been able to do a bit better if worked on for maybe a month at most, i doubt it could have gotten any better than that. 5/5 10/10 keep up the great work man.

wow... awsome game

the title sais it all... awsome. i cant really think of anything for ctitacism... 10/10 great job!

10 star good

umm i love it but how to play plz tell me?