Reviews for "Real Estate Mogule"

A bit of reality.

My dad is the biggest real estate agent in Southeastern Oklahoma and I've basicaly grown up in his office, anyway just wanted to get a little background before I tell you this. It is VERY rare to find property with a house that sells under $160,000. And houses here are relatively cheap compared to the rest of the country. Though I'd just give you a bit of insight.


i like the idear but i think u could of done something better with it ubt in all and all its nice

Not as good as i thought it would be..

I loved the idea, but it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. Maybe you could make it that you actaully have to go out and negogiate with people?

A dissapointment

It seemed to be good but I disliked how long it took to get to the goal, It was to repetitive.

kinda annoyed...

I was really into the game, doing decent and I accidentally sold a house for $200 which is what I was trying to make rent. I think that it needs to ask you "are you sure you want to sell you house for $___?" instead of doing it because it just completely fucked me over. Oh and there's no tutorial? What's with that? It was hard to figure out what I was doing, which I'm still not 100% sure, and what's with the prices? My house can be big, the conditions will be awesome and people still won't rent it for a reasonable price...