Reviews for "Mission: Implausible"

Good stuff, but still a disappointment

It was after reading the below review that I realised that this would not be a game. Ah well, I thought, and geared myself up for some top quality comedy action. (After all, that was what the title suggested.)

There are a fair few jokes in here, and the whole spoof theme is done rather well.

The drawing and animation is of a top standard - much better than I could ever hope for anyway.

The music fits the piece perfectly, and you obviously know your Flash, since - as the guy below pointed out - this really does feel like it should be bigger.

However, I still ended up being disappointed.

The jokes barely made me smile, let alone laugh. And I was hoping to see the story to its end.

However, I've just realised that there's a v1.5, so I'm off to watch that.

I'll probably enjoy watching the series as a whole when the story is concluded and everything, but just now, the 'to be continued' really annoys me.

That wasn't a game

There was no 'game' part to it. And that was DEFINATLY more than 508k, the movie had a ton of animation and sound and was like 7 mins long.
Nice animation though...


You have some real flash talent.

Spears jokes rule!!!

It could have been worse, the virus could have made people look like the way Kevin Costner acts.

Where's the mother-fucking game?

If the Intro is anything to go by, this will be a shit hot game. Bring it on!