Reviews for "Mission: Implausible"

very nicely done

this is one the best entries i've seen on the portal, impressive to say the least. it's good to see that talent isn't going to waste in the new e-conomy. just get some job working for some company run by old people with wool over their eyes, and continue making this caliber work, and you could own the top 20 [=

-invalid aka kå¤+i¢§0û£

Another class act by Thomas

This is another class act by thomas who has made 3 movies worthy of the top 20: Star wars gangster rap, mission implsusible, and mission implausible 1.5.
The movie has some great humor in it, with britney spears as the final stage of mutation, a wonderful touch!
There could be a lot more interactivity, but im sure this will come at the end of the movie, which i hope comes soon.
The soundtrack is also excelant, one of the best i have ever heard in the portal- keep them coming thomas.

Not bad.

It would be alot better movie if the people could interact a little bit more.

That gets you goin!

Well, a true spoof. Excellent use of satire and alliteration. But enough of the intelectual crap, IT WAS FUCKIN' FUNNY. Though it did have some bland moments, it was not a waste of time. Oh, and the Brittany Speares thing...NICE!! guy after my own heart.


That was VERY well done. Nice and stylish. I usually hate demo's and previews and stuff like that, but this one was satisfyingly long enough. Good Job, I'm gonna go watch the other one!!