Reviews for "Mission: Implausible"

I acnt express how much Im anticipating this.

This is by far the coolest movie on the Portal. You did such an incredible job on this it really shows. The animation was right on. The idea wasn't just a rip-off. The humor was all there. The music was catchy and funny. The whole Britany Spears insult was the funnist thing I have ever seen in my life ( no shitting you, it really was ). Andthe art work was clean and simple but detailed and full of expression. Please finish this!


Seriously, this kicks ass! Just finish the shit!

Fucking nice!!!

Fucking good!!!Finidh the crap man so we can play the whole thing!!!
hurry up!!


What the hell is wrong with you guys?? You need to finish that shit.It looks fuckin funny as hell.It needs more Interactivity but thats all.Also add nudity.That cant hurt.Later.

It was good

Nice work but what's with the to be continued shit i want to see the end of that amazing clip!