Reviews for "Mission: Implausible"

Yo'bustidTV' WTF are you talking about????

This shit is great!!!! You don't always need frame by frame animation to get you piont across, and besides the poor fuck who did, "Heroes Of cybertron", and "Robocop" did just that and look what happened!! His movies' size BLEW up, and all you idiots gave him low scores for it!!!

Don't get me wrong, I still think "master Lee" is an all out prick. The dick NEVER gives out a 10 on other peoples' work, but responsed to someone who gave him an 8!!!!!

So what? I hate Mcfarlane,but I still love Spawn... Not that I'm comparing Lees work to spawn....please...... both in an essence they're both cocky fuckin dicks...... and that's unforgiveable..

(feel the Bite)


This is a great movie - shame about all the speech bubbles - I would have loved to have watched it with some good character voice-overs. A clear winner non-the-less!!

Kicks all arse

And this isn't in the top 5.. why??

Can't Wait

This movie is definitely awesome, I can't wait for it to come out. Although the only interactivity was pressing the little speech bubble buttons it still kicked lots of ass.

Nice, Where's the Animation?

This was a pretty nice movie, but I still hate movies where a person draws one thing, and then uses it for like 4 different scenes, and I hate motion tweens, I hate when people use motion tweens to animation people walking, running, and doing other things. When are people going to draw each frame themselves? That is one reason why I love Romp movies so much. It was also really lame when the 1 arm went so far up that you could see that it was just an arm, and not attached to anything, that was really gay.