Reviews for "Mission: Implausible"


I pity you having to go to a britney spears site to get that picture. You clearly suffered for your work. Great toon, but it needs to be a little bit faster - paced

Hmmmmm..... Another good thing to look forward to,

C'ant wait for the next one!

Good Job!

A Very Excellent Work! Keep On With The Great Job You Are Doing! I Just Absolutly Love "Chooe Your Own Adventure Stuff"! Rock On!


This movie kicks so much ass! It makes M:I2 look like the sad rip-off of a classic TV show it is! Man, who needs Tom Cruse, when this is infinitely superior? KEEP ON, MAN! To be continued? I should hope so!

Tom Cruize You Ain't! (thank god)

Never seen the tv show or the movie verzionz of Mision Impozzible, but I got a pretty good idea now. Didn't like clickin' back & forth...Otherwize thiz wuz not bad.