Reviews for "Mission: Implausible"

Man this is good 24 hour exposure was the worst!

uggghhh man that 24 hour exposure to that desease was hidious see it for yourself but this is funny man this is god watch

This movie kicks britrany spears ass!

I liked it! Who cares if the animation isn't as good as some of the other movies! It Kicks ASS! any movie that leaves me wanting to see the next one is worthwhile!

pyropymp responds:

dude, I doubt the next one is ever coming out. Sorry to all you folks who hoped. I might turn back on it someday though, I even had a story worked out! (if only I could remember it)

good graphics...

..but needs more sond fx and shit like that,and also my lego men walk more realistic than that dude.

Very Good

Where's #2?

you are so fucking funny!

You always make me laugh! This is very good and the Breatney spears thing kicks ass! AH AH AH! I only disliked one thing: the music under the briefing screen... but the rest is awesome!