Reviews for "Mission: Implausible"


In the light of all the recent portal content it's nice to see some quality flash, this movie really demonstrates what the software can do, it's not just for making stick men shoot each other. Keep it up, I'd love to se a continuation of Mission: Implausible, in fact I'd happily pay to watch it, rather this than M:I 2.

Very cinematic!

Good movie, but is do you really think Britne Spears is really that ugly? You should have used someone like that fat kid from N Sync, the one that use to have that gay pineapple hair-do...that would have been funnier.. great movie though..

I acnt express how much Im anticipating this.

This is by far the coolest movie on the Portal. You did such an incredible job on this it really shows. The animation was right on. The idea wasn't just a rip-off. The humor was all there. The music was catchy and funny. The whole Britany Spears insult was the funnist thing I have ever seen in my life ( no shitting you, it really was ). Andthe art work was clean and simple but detailed and full of expression. Please finish this!


Pretty Cool!

FUCKING EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THAT WAAS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was the most hilarious movie trailer i have evr seen. especially about the xv virus.