Reviews for "Mission: Implausible"

This short would kill MI:2 if it was in the Oscars

Jesus, this movie too fucking good!!! After suffering through Mission: Impossible 2, I say the big wigs at Paramount (or whoever the hell made this movie.) should dump John Woo and go for this true classic by Thomas!!!

This was really good!

This was really good I liked the graphics and the story is pretty good too.The only complaint I had was there wasn't that much sound wise.Good Idea though I was going to do something to do with Espionage but I'm looking for a new idea now!^^


This is an awsome movie! The thing that makes it even better, is the fact that theres going to be (so I hear) an interactive sequel. I cant wait to see how that would be. But come on, dr. death and a skull base, thats just plain corny. Anyways, great animation, story line, and music!