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Reviews for "LL - Lock Legion Shorts 2"


god... spitty can scare the s#!t outta someone!

MasterLock responds:


Great Flash

Just wanted to drop a review. I know my review probably wont mean much considering im the newest lock as of today, but i think its great none the less!

MasterLock responds:

I'm sorry to say, I believe there's already a Coke Lock.

Another LL masterpeice

'Tis true, this is a truely great animation here. The Spitty and cliff parts were the best.

MasterLock responds:

I agree.

Modest eh?

blue-chipmunk lock say's hello!

wow. if it is one thing i like about lock legion, it's the complete randomness ^_^. it's a shame lock legion is down... but it's nice to know that people are still making lock cartoons such as this one (i think). wow spitty REALLY dosn't like interweb relations. and if everyone jumped off a cliff, i'd walk down their and laugh at their dumbass' i thought the "fire and you" refrence was nicley done. i absolutly LOVED the tunak tunak tun! i saw the video on youtube a while back. kick ass. i seriously wish my flash didn't have a seizure so i could make things as good as this. sorry, i suck at reveiws. but seriously, as said before by many people, it lacks the awsome of blue chipmunk. (no, no one said it lacks blue chipmunk. they said their lock). <(^.^<) voted 5 (>^.^)>

MasterLock responds:


That was funny

mmkay I'm really trying to decide which one I want to support, LL or CC. You guys are funnier, and not as annoying, but CC has history. OH well, I thought it was funny when that spitty guy kept on yelling NOOO!!! And that's it peace out mmkay.

MasterLock responds:

How about both?