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Reviews for "LL - Lock Legion Shorts 2"

Sexed up wrestling move

Indeed this truly rawks

MasterLock responds:

Rawk on.

Very nice work Master...

As you've probably noticed, I have been dormant in the LL lately. I visit from time to time, but never really posting much. I think watching this video has inspired me to make some more LL films =D.

The animation was good and I really like your new art style.
Keep on rockin'!
-sandman0277 (MarshmallowLock)

MasterLock responds:

Make more flash you fluffy wad of sugar you. :'

Nice work Master.

It is always a pleasure watching a new Lock Legion cartoon. No longer being part of the LL, I often miss the quality and imput that came with their cartoons that other flash animators and groups couldn't. Oh well. That's my lot I guess.

I found it hilarious on every conceivable level, especially the Clocky/Winchester relationship one. Very good.

Have a good one, and here's to more of your work.

-Predator, a.k.a. The Artist Formely Known as Xenomorph-Lock, a.k.a. An Arogant Faggot Who Can't Take a Single God Damn Hint or Even Get His Friend Off His Ass To Finish A Freakin' Flash Movie We've Been Planning For the Past Two Years

MasterLock responds:

lol, thanks.

awsome flash keep it up

that was awsome and the secret at the end of the credits awsome

ps:it be chaos star lock

MasterLock responds:

I put a lot of work into it.


dragon force rules!

MasterLock responds:

Rock on!