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Reviews for "LL - Lock Legion Shorts 2"

U R A GOD!!!!!!!

can you put me in one of your LL flashes based off my profile picture?

MasterLock responds:

keep asking i'll notice some day

this is bamf

bamf stands for bit as mother fuc er AWSOME

MasterLock responds:

good to know

Funny stuff

These shorts seemed a lot better than the previous batch,the framerate was a lot smoother on the animation and i got even more laughs through it all than before plus it all seemed in good,clean fun so you all did a great job. =)

MasterLock responds:

I don't think I changed the framerate, maybe my tweens were just nicer-looking.

>> Peace lock ain't the only 1

I'm half asian and I've gotten D's in english. Which is sad. Since I got and A in french and I slept in that class!

MasterLock responds:

Clearly the white half of you is showing.


if all the coool kides jumped of a cliff would u?!

MasterLock responds: