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Reviews for "LL - Lock Legion Shorts 2"

Perfectly awesomeness reincarnated into a flash.

Read above.

MasterLock responds:

I see!


Great sound, animation, and humor :D

MasterLock responds:

Thanks :D


I've seen a lot of LL's flashes, this one was awesome. I loved the sound clips, and different effects used. I loved the wrestling scene the best lol. And i happen to like the voices, i'm just used to hearing it .Also i like the fact that you put in a commentary. And Dragon Force is an amazing band but you have my 5 and continue to make flashes. Long live Lock Legion ^^

MasterLock responds:

Viva la Legion!

Heh. Yay speakonia.

I probobly laughed the hardest when spitty turned into a dinosaur(at least im guessing that was what the sound clip was)

Good job.

MasterLock responds:

I think it is a dinosaur sound. I got it from my cstrike folder. (Custom Counter-Strike server sounds)


The voices seem almost like they were from the Clock series..

But very funny. Funniest today.

MasterLock responds:

They're made with the same program. :x