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Reviews for "LL - Lock Legion Shorts 2"

Yes indeed...

I think Spitfire is very sad now... Btw awesome flash :) !

MasterLock responds:

He told me that next time I need to put him in a box in the lower right corner for my next movie for the whole time. I guess he didn't get enough screen time.

Yay! Tunak tunak tun!

I love that music! I think my favorite was when winchester was coughing and stuff. Otherwise, it wwas really funny. Keep making flash, you guys!

MasterLock responds:

Thanks, Dalher Mendhi sure is a pimp. (I probably just made a typo on his name there, I don't feel like looking for it)

Pretty Good!

That was funny
My favorate is that black cloud thing dancing ^_^
That red fire screaming was good too

MasterLock responds:

Black "cloud" = Shadowking Lock
Red fire = Spitfire Lock

Aren't you that guy that signed up with the chao avatar?

very well done!

your skills have greatly improved since the last time I saw you. great shorts.

Dragon force for the win!!

MasterLock responds:



hi i just wanted to say that, that was realy funny:3 and that i wasted 6.5 min of my life waiting for a LOL(acording to you) even though i think it was worth the time:D because...i have to mutch free time? well back to the movie exelent work on the jokes.
i just have one question though i would need some help on making funny "robot voices" if you just could like write down one or two of them in your reviev response(if you are gonna response) im going to be a happy pancake. your fan and lucas hope to see more of your flashes on the best 5 awards in the time ahead of us:3

MasterLock responds:

Thanks a lot for the swell review. Fury of the Storm is a good song, so it shouldn't hurt too much to wait 6:46 minutes. Also, to make robot voices, download the program Speakonia. Search it on Google.